We recently discovered that Freebirds gives you free chips and queso on Tuesday if you show your tattoo.  Now I will never regret getting a tattoo. And also I'm kind of glad I got it on my upper back and not somewhere indecent :) 2011 was the year of ink... Andrew got one too. But they don't give you extra nachos for each tattoo, so we'll stick with one each for now.


  1. Fun!! I didn't know you had a tattoo!! You need to post a picture of it that it's hopefully not all irritated and covered in shiny goo...

  2. Yum! We love ourselves some Freebirds here at the Joiner house... too bad neither of us are tatted up!

  3. That's pretty awesome. I used to frequent Freebirds. I guess it's time to go back.


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