What I Wore: leather and lace

Really pleather and lace :)  Nothing against fine leather items, I'm just frugal.
I tend to buy 5 faux items instead of springing on 1 nice one.
This week it was all about feminine lace dresses and fake leather jackets.
{Not pictured: the stretchy leggings I've been sporting since retuning from NOLA where I ate a year's worth of calories in 3 days. No regrets here, just lots of spandex!}
Peach lace dress in Jackson Square.
Light blue dress, camel jacket and the comfiest sandals ever.
I got this dress for $13 and the Guess shoes for $32 at Ross yesterday.
The jacket is super old, probably also from Ross. I promise it's not a child's jacket... I always buy things that are 3/4 sleeves so I can wear bracelets without them getting caught in my clothes.
 Black pleather jacket and black boots while sight seeing in New Orleans.
Boots are old and from Kmart - we don't have one in San Antonio so I go crazy at the big K when I'm back home. These were buy one get one free so I have the same pair in brown :)
Same black jacket with mint lace shirt.  Jeans were $10.80 at Forever 21.
I never bought jeans there before, but they're really cozy and a super deal!
And a picture of my tattoo. I actually got it a while ago, but all these photos are from the front and you never see it.
So here it is! 3 magnolias for me and my 2 sisters and a leaf for my mom.
My little sister drew it and we all got it on our right shoulder.
 Cream pleather jacket and same comfy (falling apart) black wedge boots that I ended up wearing more than any of the cute shoes I brought on the trip. Isn't that always the way it goes?
I feel like I look like Madeline in this outfit :)
I've been having a tough time figuring out what to wear these blue pointy silver toed heels from Target with. Not sure I like this pairing, perhaps just with skinny jeans and a t-shirt.
The collared shirt was $10 at Marshall's and the navy lace skirt was $10 at Abercrombie. I hate A&F. Hate how strong the perfume smells in the store, hate the practically naked pictures on the wall and am jealous of hate the skinny little models that work there. But if you can hold your breath for 2 minutes and make a bee line straight to the back of the store, there are often some killer deals.
Oh the sacrifices I make for clearance!


  1. So many fun outfits! Love that mint lace top! I bought several mint things this weekend...such a fun color!

  2. very fun and cute

    Here's my outfits for the week:



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