What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy to share what I wore this week.

I got this dress on clearance at Marshall's Sunday after church (it's not my fault there's so many fun stores on the way home!) and wore it to the Super Bowl party that evening. I needed some red and gold to show my 49ers love. I like the Ravens too, but I'm a California girl.
I got the mint shirt above on sale at Target last week when I scored that awesome deal on all those shoes. I wore it to work on Monday with some pearls and a metallic belt. You can't tell how minty it is in the picture, but it's going to be a Spring staple.  The pink/gray maxi was an impulse buy on the way to the checkout line at Ross. Not fabulous, but for $7.99 who cares?! I can wear it as jammies. I need to throw it in the dryer so it shrinks up to be the right length.
{Oh the perils of being a shorty pants!}
I bought this dress at Ross that same day for $10.99
I call it the mullet dress because it's short in the front and long in the back.
I've yet to wear it out of the house so it still has the tags on it lest I get a case of buyer's remorse. {I tend to "get it and forget it" with a lot of my clothing purchases, so I leave the tags on until I wear something and if a few weeks go by and I haven't worn it I return it.} I'm working on trying clothes on at the store and only buying if I really like them. It's not going so well :) I loathe fitting rooms and those ghastly mirrors. Not that my mirrors at home are that forgiving, but I find that if you stand about 15 feet away from them you look the slightest bit thinner. At least more slim than you do right up against the tri-fold mirrors in the dressing room!
Maddie wanted to get in on the WIWW action.
She hasn't been especially fashionable as of late. But we'll hook her up with a cute Val-Day outfit for next week. Today it's all about cream fur.
This is what I wore to work yesterday. It's been chilly in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.
Translation: coats, sweaters, and layering
This is what I wore today to work (a middle school) for "College T-Shirt Day"
Somewhere between 6th and 7th period my shoe broke. I have the worst luck with shoes...
Good thing I have 4,237 back up pairs!


  1. 1. I'm pretty sure you have more clothes than anyone I know (except maybe my mom).
    2. I know I said you should be an interior decorator/designer, but maybe you should also consider being a professional shopper.
    3. I am going to IGNORE that offensive burnt orange t-shirt you are wearing and pretend that it was a beautiful maroon A&M shirt instead.

  2. I'm impressed with all your great deals you find!! I like the mullet dress, it should be a keeper. And that is the WORST when a shoe breaks at work-- I had that happen sometime in the fall...the rest of the day was looooong with a malfunctioning shoe!!

  3. Super cute red dress, and I love it paired with the denim jacket and nude heels! Visiting from WIWW! :)



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