House-sitting with the Hoags

Last week my sweet, wonderful Auntie Vanessa {after saving the day at the bridal shower} and Uncle Chris {my mom's super cool little brother who shares the same birthday card with her every year} headed down to San Diego for a weeklong teaching conference/ family vacation (they, like me, know how to turn work into play!). While they were away, Andrew and I got to stay at their beautiful home and take care of their cute little critters.


Auntie Vanessa is an expert decorator; I always get inspired when visiting their lovely home. Their backyard is this beautiful English tea garden... with the extra special addition of a chicken coop. But Uncle Chris built it and it's actually quite fancy, so it works.
 See, fancy schmancy!  Those are some happy chickens! My personal favorite is "Rock Star" the white one. I imagine that is exactly what Maddie Bear would look like as a bird.
 We've consistently been getting 4 eggs a day which makes for awesome breakfasts.
Bogart has been getting his daily walk around the block and loving all the attention. He communicates via snorts which I interpret to mean that he is very happy like a "pig pug in #&$%". 
And we've really grown fond of Pippin. He has a cute little personality and always poses for a photo.
I grew up with hamsters as pets, so lizards aren't exactly in my wheel house. "Princess Fluffy" just doesn't fit for a reptile name :) But I am expanding my zoological horizons and embracing reptiles as pets so I made it a personal goal to hold Pippin by the end of the week.
And I did! 
{For exactly .35 seconds, just long enough to get a picture}
Andrew held him everyday, no big deal. But for me it was a little more intimidating.
You know, but with the lizard feeling like a giant python, not me feeling like Britney Spears.
Moving on.
Here is a little peek into the Kohler's beautiful home.
 So fun to cook in this dream kitchen! {Is what I imagine Andrew is thinking, I just like looking at it).

Odd thing: Uncle Chris is an English teacher, wouldn't you expect them to have more books in their house?!
*disclaimer: this is only one of their MANY bookshelves. Yeah, my family is pretty smart :)
Speaking of, I can almost cross off "read 30 books" from my 30 before 30 list after perusing this collection... provided that skimming cook books counts.
Thank you, Kohlers, for letting us stay at your fabulous house and for the delicious basket of treats and goodies! You're the best!


  1. Fun! House sitting is the best! I'm not sure how I feel about reptile sitting, but he is sort of cute.

  2. I love their house! I almost felt like I was there, just looking through your pictures!

  3. Oooh what a fun place to housesit!! Although I do not think I'd be holding any dragons, that's for sure...I'm glad you were able to! Their kitchen is amazing...and so is Trader Joe's kettle corn!! I can attribute at least 4 of my fat rolls to that deliciousness!


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