What up Wednesday

It's Wednesday and here's what's up:

First of all, our houseguest {Jesse} moved to Austin and started his new job - something to do with drafting that smart architecture people do. This boy flies by the seat of his trousers!

I love that he refers to himself as a "hobo-engineer". Perhaps I fancy myself a hobo-homemaker. It's like a "suzie homemaker" but better and much more nomadic. Eeek! 5 months til our big move to California!

I was definitely missing San Diego this week. San Antonio is having some wacky weather. 25 degrees might be a typical winter day some places, but home girl don't play that game. My goose bumps have goose bumps and that has put me all in a tizzy! I should not have to sleep in a peacoat or 2 or 3 layered on top of each other! In other news our electric bill is going to be sky high.

Here is a typical leaving the house outfit...

To combat the cold we have been consuming mass quantities of k cups and soup.

My photos of food never look appealing, maybe it's all the melted cheese. 
You'll just have to trust me... yum yum yum! 
While I'm still on the topic of food...
She gave me this great book too!

A few years ago my doctor informed me that I have a gluten allergy. Also a lot of books I have been reading confirm that I need to reduce the amount of gluten in my diet. I am hoping that consuming all of these awesome foods will counteract the damage from all the junk I've been eating. Somehow I don't think it works that way :)  You gotta start somewhere. Thank you Kristie!
Besides chowing down I made some time this week for shopping...
I added 3 new pairs of shoes to my collection. 2 practical and 1 crazy. The crazy ones were a clearance impulse buy. I'll never learn!
Time for some new hot rollers - those have seen better days!
Speaking of hair...
Every couple months I dye it some variation of medium-dark brown, but it ALWAYS turns red. And not Nicole Kidman or Amy Adams glamorous red. I'm talking bozo the clown orange-red. Oh well. I'll embrace my irish roots but once those roots grow over an inch I'm dying them brown again!
Time to blow dry and see if my hair is deep golden brown or red brassy rust!


  1. Haha I love Jesse's "day in the life." A hostel for a month??!! Yech, no thanks. Love the new shoes and can't wait to see the new hair!!

  2. I wanna see the new color!!!


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