Summer Break and Pool Hopping

Today was the last day of school, the official start of Summer, and we celebrated by driving across town to our former apartment complex, and first home in Texas, for a dip in the pool. Not entirely ethical to use the pool while we don't exactly still live there, but in our defense, they stiffed us on our security deposit so we'll call it even. Also they never changed the gate code, so that's practically an open invitation.

If I've learned anything about surviving the Summer in San Antonio, it's that rules don't apply to me.

Case in point, in the last 24 hours I have committed these crimes {and I don't care}:

1. Slurpee for breakfast. It was strawberry-kiwi and delicious.
2. Wearing a bikini (for me should be illegal), but it's too bleeping hot for modesty!
3. Ran the sprinklers despite water restrictions, and ran through them despite being almost 30. That's a double crime!

We're here for 3 more weeks and I just personally challenged myself to do all 3 of those things at the same time. Oh that reminds me, I need to make a Summer to-do List. It's probably going to involve a lot of pool hopping, since our last attempt at having a pool at our house was a colossal failure.

We saw these sillies while hanging out at the pool. My guess is their summer to do list involved surfing, but the pool temperature was cooler than the ocean temperature in Corpus (the closest beach to here that is also 3 hours away) so they decided to surf in the pool.
No judgement here, like I said, rules don't apply when it's 100*. 


  1. Apartment pool hopping is SO common here, I don't think anyone considers it legally dubious. :) It's just the way it has to be. Luckily, Matt's parents have a pool at their house, so we can avoid the crowds, but if they didn't...well, no shame in that game!

  2. One cannot be expected to be outside if not by a pool. There is no shame. They should be more concerned about the surfboarding in the deep end...

  3. Brennie! I just LOVE your sense of humor! I laughed through the entire post! You make me happy! :)


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