Switchfoot in San Diego

It is no secret that Switchfoot is one of our favorite bands. We saw them in San Antonio last year, Austin in 2011, and about ten other times in California. Actually, the first concert I saw them at was in 1998 when they opened for Five Iron Frenzy. If you were super cool like me (sarcasm) and way into the Christian ska scene, the mere mention of FIF would make your heart sing. I digress.
Switchfoot is on tour again, and San Diego is their hometown, so it is our favorite place to see them because their families are here, and it just means more. 
The concert was Tuesday night at the beautiful Balboa Theatre downtown.

They put on a great show, as usual, with the added bonus of a short film documenting their recent world travels. Something they said in the film was, "When you're dealing with really hard times that you can't explain, faith and doubt are equally rational choices." It's not an earth-shattering statement, but it was reassuring to hear that these spiritual mentors of mine struggle with the same pitfalls of being human and confused as I do.

Switchfoot is a surfer term that means standing in the opposite stance than you normally do to get a different perspective. Most surfers face the beach, but in the documentary it was funny to see Switchfoot actually surfing "switchfoot" while facing the wave. Clever guys :)

And that is my limited knowledge of surfing.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to watch Fading West movie and hear Fading West album!
    I really hope they'll go back here in the Philippines.


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