Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life lately via cell phone pics

So 2014 is NOT going to be the year where I blog everyday. There is simply nothing that exciting for me to share each day paired with the fact that my brain cells are kaput by 3 pm. But I will still take pictures everyday. Here's a few recent ones...

Last weekend we drove home to Pismo Beach to pick up our precious Maddie Bear from my parent's house. She was on an extended Christmas vacation while we were on the cruise. Ironic that our hometown, San Luis Obispo, had the highest temperature in the country while we were freezing in the Caribbean. Needless to say, we made every day a beach day while we were home.

Back in San Diego, Andrew and I had a date night at Fashion Valley Mall (where I used to work at Nordstrom right out of college.) It's our fancy mall with stores no one can afford, but there's also a McDonald's, a Sephora, and a Forever 21 so I make do.

 I bought the Bare Minerals get started kit. Though now that I'm in my thirties, I don't know if it's enough coverage for my wrinkly skin. Oh well, they gave me my free beauty insider birthday gift: High Definition lip stick and mascara sample. And there were soft pretzels, my favorite!

Afterwards we went line dancing with friends.  Two stepping made me miss Texas a little bit.

I've been staying late at work putting up bulletin boards and grading papers. Here's our classroom blog, so at least I'm blogging somewhere :)  I find that I love decorating our classroom, but the kids equally love messing it up. By the time I get home I am so exhausted from cleaning up after thirty three 10 year olds that I can't find the energy to clean my own house. Counting down the days until Spring Break and spring cleaning.

After a long week, we spent Friday evening at our friend Brian and Audrey's house where we observed a "century club" challenge where you drink a shot of beer every minute until you get to 100.  Andrew and I didn't really participate and I think that was a good life decision. After 38 minutes the boys gave up and built a tower of cans to the ceiling.  They were way too pleased with themselves.

Saturday we walked 6 miles around Lake Murray with Maddie.
Today we hiked Cowles Mountain (you can see Lake Murray below us).

I've been exclusively drinking (water mostly, don't be fooled by the Coors castle!) from my "30" glass my sister made me. Everything tastes better in a pretty glass. So far I like 30; it feels like 20 but with more purpose and resolve. I have some big goals for my 30's and this year especially. Mostly to survive my first year teaching. Womp womp. But 2014 is looking to be a year of fun, where we finally get new cars - long overdue! We are only looking and test driving so far, and will most likely buy used, but it's exciting nonetheless. We are slowly easing back into the world of fertility treatments... just researching clinics for now, but after more than a year off, it's time to get back on the horse, or whatever.  July 7th is our 7 year anniversary and we have a few vacation options... using our extra Alaska airfare voucher to spend a few days in Seattle or Cabo San Lucas, or driving up through Vegas (it is 07-07 after all!) and camping in Utah at Zion and Bryce Canyon, or flying to Ohio to see family and then driving to Chicago or New York City. Did I say 2014 would be the year of fun?  I think I meant the year of freaking expensive :)  Perhaps this is the year where we take out our very first hefty bank loan. Cars, travelling, IVF... I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe I need to go take a drink from my big girl glass!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

30 and a cruise

Pardon my absence the last week month or so, but I've been busy partying it up with my parents and Andrew cruising the Caribbean. It just occurred to me that I haven't been home since December 21st; I took last week off work (to effectively turn my 2 week Winter break into a 3 week extravaganza) and I have to go back to school tomorrow and teach all the while pretending like I don't have "vacation brain." Truth be told, I'd way rather blog  about my week off then lesson plan for my week on, so here we go...

Friday was my 30th birthday and it was the BEST ever! I woke up to banners, balloons, presents, surprise cakes & champagne delivered to my stateroom throughout the day, the best meal of my life (it involved lobster bisque, lobster tail, filet mignon, salmon chowder, and chocolate heaven).

I all but abandoned my 30 before 30 list, may it rest in peace. Instead, I replaced it with way more impressive tasks like eating until I was so full I couldn't breathe, downing ALL of the complimentary drinks (even attending art auctions on the boat solely for the free champs), eating 4 lobster tails in one sitting, getting proper drunk before 9 am (which was really 6 am in California!), trying escargot, jumping on a trampoline in the ocean, and completing astronaut training at NASA.

Before you get too jealous of our amazing week, know that we had ZERO days of sun in the so called "sunshine" state, a solid 2 days of 20+ foot swells causing sea sickness (yet somehow not slowing down my eating everything all day long) Still, I'd rather be queasy floating around the Caribbean than just about anywhere else :) 

We didn't get to go to Belize or Honduras (2 of our 4 ports we were most looking forward to), and my hair never fully adjusted to the humidity. Also our bus got hit by a car in Cape Canaveral and we almost missed our cruise entirely. We ended up throwing caution (and everything else) to the wind and riding in the back of a stranger's truck to make it to our port on time. Oh the memories!

Luckily the Carnival Dream was huge-mongous and beautiful and we all had fun because we always do no matter what! When the deck was flooded from the torrential rain, I threw on a bath robe and regaled my fellow passengers with (in my opinion) an outstanding rendition of that old Carnival Cruise classic "In the morning, in the evening, ain't we got fun?! Not much money, oh but honey..."  I got blank glares. When we couldn't pull into port after sloshing around next to it for 2 hours, we pulled out our life jackets and did an impromptu photo shoot. When they cancelled our next port, we played Spades and drank girly drinks to our heart's content. When we couldn't go kayaking on our tour in Costa Maya because the current was too rough, Andrew pushed me in a wheel barrel along the shore.  Bottom line: we were there to vacation and have fun, so we did!

We snorkeled with sting rays in Cozumel, downed Miami Vices in Costa Maya, went on the water slides, ate 10,000 calories a day of pure deliciousness, played mini golf on our first day at sea when the sun almost came out, and jumped around like we were House of Pain in the early 90's.

We explored Orlando and Cape Canaveral, Florida. We toured NASA, hung out at the heated pool at the hotel, and saw 17 alligators on the side of the road on the way to the airport.

I didn't buy any souvenirs, but I kept my door placard with high hopes my home "cabin" would be tidied up when I got here. 
No such luck.