Monday, June 27, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

I have been dragging my feet this Monday morning afternoon and still have so much to unpack and organize and the old apartment to clean, but there are a few things that make this a happy start to the week...

Tonight is Girl's Night at the Melting Pot and I am going to be in fondue heaven!

I finally got all of my shoes unpacked and there are too many to fit in one picture *bottom shelves

*Top shelves  Boots, slippers, and sneakers are in another section of the closet.
 Just for the record, I have yet to fully unpack the contents of the kitchen and pantry. It goes without saying that our fridge is empty except for what's left of the ice cream sandwiches and push pops. Apparently my shoes come first.  No surpise there.
Maddie Bear is all settled into her new house and using her doggie door
to go potty outside all by herself. We couldn't be prouder than if she was a real baby!

We're going kayaking with friends in Austin on Saturday. Should be good times! 
I have yet to find the perfect outfit, though.
 Oh yeah, and we're going to Salt Lick on the way to Austin which is the BEST bbq in Texas.

And Tanger Outlets are on the way too. As if we needed an excuse to stop and shop! 

Well I'm off to clean the apartment lounge at the pool and eat the last of the ice cream sandwiches :) Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday HoagieBear!

Andrew turned 28 years old on Friday.
Here is a picture of us from 10 years ago when he turned 18... feels like yesterday.

Andrew's 18th Birthday 06.24.2001  @ AJ Spurs

We celebrated Andrew's Birthday this year much the same... with a yummy dinner!  We went to Kona Grill at the fabulous La Cantera shopping mall last night.

Kona Grill has a beautiful indoor fish tank.
I love watching all the tropical fish...
makes me get even more excited to snorkel in Maui next month.
You'd think seeing the pretty fishies would have deterred us from ordering fish entrees, but we still did.
We love this restaurant and have eaten there a few times. They even gave Andrew a complimentary Birthday dinner (up to $20 :) and threw in a delicious red velvet cupcake for dessert. Score!  Our bill was only $25 + tip ~ don't worry, I tipped on the price of the whole meal. It was still a really good deal!

Andrew and our dinners: He ordered sweet chili glazed salmon and I ordered miso sake seabass.
Both excellent choices! Especially his, because it was free!  Happy Birthday Andrew!
This yummy red velvet cupcake was just icing on the cake :)
This June 24th was very bittersweet for us because Andrew shares his birthday with my precious cousin Ryan, who would have turned 18 on Friday. Ryan went to be with the Lord last October and we miss him soooo much.

My sweet cousin Ryan   June 2010
We love you and miss you everyday
We think about Ryan and his family everyday and they are always in our prayers. I'm pretty sure he had a rockin' birthday party in heaven, but we still wish he was here with us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Moved!

We signed our 2 year lease on Thursday and got all moved in on Saturday thanks to the help of our fabulous friends in San Antonio.

Our friends help unload this oober heavy armoire. And in the process,
 find some horrific contents to eternally tease us about. We plead the 5th!

Front of new house. Love the shutters, hate the front door.
Need to check the details of our contract and investigate the possibility of painting it.

Front porch
Entry nook
Sitting area at entrance.  The backyard is all grass with no patio area so
the patio furniture serves as our indoor sitting room.
Living room as seen from entrance
Living room side view
Stair wall.  - This is the free dresser I got on craigslist.
Had to scrap the bottom drawer and replace it with baskets, but free is free :)
Dining room and sliding door to backyard
Upstairs living room. I'm all about shabby chic style 
Upstairs vanity area. Work in progress.
Upstairs bedrooms 2 and 3 bathroom 2 and linen closet
Bedroom 2 guest room ~ come visit us!!!
Bedroom 3 library/Maddie's room :)
Master bedroom closet. Still unpacking wardrobe boxes!
Master Bedroom
Back side of house
Haven't set the kitchen up yet = lots of costco pizza and other
quick fix meals. Maddie's not complaining :)
Now we just have to clean out our old apartment and enjoy every last minute of the pool at the complex...

Alta Roxbury pool - We'll be hosting a pool party here tomorrow night. Come if you can!!!
no pool at the new place, though this option looks quite appealing as well as elegant
Our new pool option
I'll get more pics up as we get more settled in.
Thanks for checking out our new place!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boogie Shoes

I made the classic mistake of packing the entire contents of my closet 2 weeks before we actually move into our new place. This obviously limits my wardrobe, forcing me to go out and buy a bunch of new ensembles.
I'm starting with shoes!

I needed a good neutral shoe for Summer, so I bought these...

Forever 21 $24.99
Ross $18.99
Ross $16.99
I should have stopped there. But I didn't.

I found these comfy wedge sandals at Burlington Coat Factory for the friendly price of $9.99 and bought a pair in every color.  (The strap on the silver ones already broke (trashed, not pictured), but don't fret. I got my money's worth and wore them a bunch!)

I also bought some flat sandals at Kohl's and Ross (yes you heard me correctly FLATS... I'll need some hiking appropriate footwear for Maui in August)

Then I needed some versatile black, gray (super trendy this season), and white basic options, so I got all four of these from Ross for under $20 each. And a silver bonus pair from TJ Maxx.  Winner!!!

Summer has arrived fo sho in the South and lately I've escaped the scorching 100+degree heat by seeking shelter in the oh so welcoming and, more importantly, oh so air conditioned, shopping malls.  Last week me and my friend Katie had a girls only shopping day that started at the world renowned Texas renowned, best ever Tanger Outlets in San Marcos. It was heavenly. I found some practical footwear at the Nine West Outlet for a not quite as stellar price as Ross Dress for Less... introducing the camel brown collection: A little bit 70's birkenstock-ish, but I love 'em!  Don't judge, they don't photograph well!

After our stint at the outlets (and a boatload of bare escentuals treasures- for mama of course :) our trip ended with a super splurge at IKEA just north of Austin. I go completely cRazY in that store and am convinced they put some kind of swedish crack in their meatballs that makes innocent shoppers want to buy everything on display in their adorable little show rooms. No, just me. OK.

My new curtain collection and a plethora of other treasures courtesy of Ikea.
 Aside from furniture and home decor, my favorite thing to buy has to be shoes.  I love them! I'd marry them if I could. That sounds ridiculous, but honestly the only other thing I love as much as shoes is weddings. So it's really not that far-fetched at all.

Speaking of shoes and weddings, these are the blingtastic sparklers I scored last night at Ross and plan on wearing to my friends' wedding next month.
They're spectacularly shiney like disco balls, hence the name "boogie shoes"  Not so sure I'll be able to get my boogie on in these heels, but they were way too fun to pass up.

Happy Shoe Shopping!!!