Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pros and Cons

Like any reasonable person who has moved to a different state, I've devised an ongoing list of the pros and cons of living in my new surroundings.

With no further adieu, here they are:

The pros and cons of living in Texas

                           Pros                                                     Cons                                  
1.  Cost of living - $200,000 gets you a mansion            1.  Air conditioning bills for said mansion
2.  Tex Mex - Way better than Mexican food in CA        2.  No breakfast burritos- What's up with that?  
3.  Southern hospitality - people here are so sweet        3.  Driving - people here are terrible drivers
4.  Texas BBQ - lives up to the hype                            4.  I've gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks
5.  Austin is a fantastic city                                         5.  We live in San Antonio - Austin traffic is bad
6.  Very patriotic - we love all the flying flags                 6.  Lackland Airforce Base is noisy
7.  Schlitterbahn - world's best water park                     7.  Humidity and 100+ degree temperatures
8.  Great hiking trails                                                   8.  I get strange looks when hiking with my dog stroller
9.  Alamo and Riverwalk are beautiful and close by        9.  Alamo and Riverwalk are always oober crowded
10. Caribbean cruises leave out of Galveston                10. You drive through Houston to get to your cruise ship
11. Lightning storms are super pretty                           11. Lightning storms turn into hurricanes and flooding
12. You can see all the way to Oklahoma                     12. Texas is super duper flat.  ____ -Like that

To be continued...

Austin, Texas

An authentic Texas Experience

It's no secret that adjusting to life in Texas has been, well, an adjustment. I could make a list of pros and cons but today we will focus on the fun of living large (practically obese) in the lonestar state.

One of our good friends from college, Joel, arrived in San Antonio on Thursday for a Political Science conference and stayed with us the last couple days. We LOVE having visitors!!!  He wanted to have a "true, authentic Texas experience" as he put it and we all know the number one thing to do in Texas is eat so we did. A lot! Texas bbq, Tex-mex, and our new favorite: LuLu's Cafe (featured on the travel channel's "Man vs. Food") where we ordered a 3 lb. cinnamon roll and chicken fried steak with queso sauce (very texan.) We also ordered a side of myocardial infarction at no charge =)  
Joel and Andrew at LuLu's in downtown San Antonio

Joel and the infamous cinnamon roll

 Well Joel, you asked for an authentic Texas experience. I hope you learned your lesson!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Wedding Day Matt and Leah!!!

My very sweet friend (and very first friend from kindergarten - must find photos!) Leah got married today. It was such a beautiful wedding... simple, fun, perfectly unique, and completely fabulous. Greek entrees were delish, the dancing was epic, and Leah and Matt are a match made in heaven. 

Love you two!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Kristie!

My little sister Kristie turns 20 today! We celebrated her Birthday yesterday with family and a plethora of vegan-tarian (vegan and vegetarian) dishes, as per her request :) She has become quite the vegan chef extraordinaire and we all enjoyed the delicious dishes. Especially that penuche!!! 
Happy Birthday Kristie!

My adorable little sis is a 20 something... or more accurately, a 20 nothing.
In other news, I feel about 100 years old.

Friday, April 1, 2011

California Here I Come!!!

This is no April Fool's people!  Tomorrow morning I'm flying from San Antonio to San Luis Obispo and I haven't been home since Christmas, so I can barely contain my excitement!

This is me and my mom at Pismo Beach in January.
We always do silly poses and take a bajillion pictures.  Can't wait to share some new ones next week!

The only downside is I'm going by myself because Andrew has school.
{sidenote: Andrew is finishing his first year at UTSA getting his PhD in English Literature... hence the reason why we moved to Texas.}

Here he is last week sharing a research presentation at a conference on campus.

I'm very proud of him and I will miss him, but I will be living it up in California so he will miss me more :)
Now onto more important things... packing! 
This is my new Kathy Van Zeeland carry on
and I'm stuffing it full of Summer dresses and sandals in hopes that "if I pack it, the sun will come." Call it wishful packing, but it works. Or I'll freeze my tuchis off and have an excellent excuse to go shopping for a new climate corrected outfit. Either way I get more clothes. Win Win!!!
Any excuse to shop!  Which brings me to this:
SLO Swap Meet (circa 2006) with Auntie V, Hoagie-Bear, and Andrew LaGraff
San Luis Swap Meet Oh how I've missed you!!!
Please have bargains waiting for me and delicious strawberries with whipped cream and kitschy antiques and classics like that funny old man, Ron, who wears cut off denim shorts like daisy duke and smokes a cigar. No joke.
Seriously, this place is amazing just for the people watching alone!
Signing off from the lone star state and heading onto the movie star state =)
Lots of fun events coming up!!!