Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2 months old

Oliver is 2 months old!
He is still as precious as ever! Super alert and sweet.


I returned to work last Thursday after an 8 week maternity leave. It was bitter sweet.  :) 
After all we went through to have our baby boy, it is sooo hard to leave him each morning.
Luckily Andrew gave his finals last week and is already on Summer vacation, so Oliver and dad are getting some bonding time in. He's actually becoming quite the "Daddy's Boy".  Is that a thing? - Props to my friends who have seen The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt and got that reference!

Now I'm just counting down the days til my Summer vacation / maternity leave part II with Ollie.  {24!}
Also dreading finding childcare for our little sweet sweet come Fall. Ugh!
I never want to be without him! This is a fun age and I don't want to miss a minute.