Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh Canada

2015 is going to be the best year EVER and we started it off right with a weekend trip to Canada Land. The purpose of our trip was three-fold: my 31st birthday, a "babymoon", and a literature conference for Andrew. Andrew has been before, but I hadn't, and it was non-stop fun!

Thursday and Sunday were mostly travel days flying from LAX to Vancouver and back so we really only had 2 days to see the sights. We spent Friday in Vancouver and Saturday in Victoria.

We lucked out as far as weather with barely a drizzle and temps in the 40's.

My favorite part was walking through Stanley Park and seeing the Vancouver skyline.
 I've really perfected the "self-timer" function on my camera.
Never mind the funny looks from strangers walking by.
 Andrew met with an editor as the MLA (Modern Language Association) conference in the convention center. We checked out the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony location and walked around the city.

We rode the city bus to Granville Island and scoped out the public market.

Saturday (my birthday) morning, we got up at 6 am and rode a train to a bus to the ferry that would take us to another bus to spend the day in Victoria. Sounds complicated, but we saved ourselves from spending $400 on airfare and actually really enjoyed the ferry ride. We even saw orca whales way off in the distance.

We walked through beautiful gardens.
 We got fish and chips at fisherman's wharf.
 We went to the infamous Empress Hotel and admired all the beautiful Victorian architecture.
 We walked around Beacon Hill Park.
 And got chased by mallards.
 We took our picture in front of the Parliament building. So pretty!
 And with that, our baby moon birthday weekend of fun is over.

Christmas, New Year's, Graduation

2 weeks into the new year seems like the perfect time to update the ol' blog with holiday pictures, no? Here's just a couple snapshots of our December...

We celebrated Christmas with family.
 Beach pictures with mom, dad, sisters Melissa and Kristie, brother in law Tyler.
Oliver even had his own stocking this year...
made out of the fabric left over from our wedding reception seven years ago. My mom is so crafty!
 Grampa (Santa Jesus as we referred to him) got way into the holiday spirit.
 The day after Christmas we had a party celebrating Andrew getting his PhD

 We rang in the New Year with Andrew's family.
I dressed up as a disco ball!
And I've been busy hitting up the after Christmas sales ever since.
Hope your 2015 is off to a good start!