Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello sleepy.
We didn't get home from the concert in Austin last night until after 1.
Getting up for work this morning was not a pleasant experience.
But the weekend of concerts was super fun!
Andrew and I used to go to concerts all the time in high school and college, but in the last few years we've I've gotten over it. The lines, the sweaty, stinky people (myself included), the deafening noise, the being out all night, the expense, the pain- my feet kill for days afterwards from standing for hours on end. But every once in a while we think, "Hey it might be fun to go see so and so." We used to listen to Airborne Toxic Event (photos above) when we lived in San Diego (they're from LA) and they have some good songs. This one is my favorite. They put on a good show.
The opening act, Kodaline was really good too.  (Here they are on the Late Show) 
They're a few Irish lads with a Coldplay/Radiohead-esque sound.
But I have definitely gotten the concert bug out of my system.
Hello to being a tired, cranky, old lady who is decidedly not going to another show for at least a year. {Unless Switchfoot or Weezer go on tour again, then all bets are off.}
Hello May.
The month of travels!
3 years ago in May we did a Mexican cruise, 2 years ago in May we went to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland, and last May I went to Cabo. This May it's South Padre Island and the East coast. May is a notoriously awesome month of vacations... and not just for us; Andrew's parents are going to Maui next week and my parents are going to Cancun for 2 weeks. I don't know who to be more jealous of  happy for :)
Hello sweets.
And 30 days of eating healthy officially went out the window!
Hello Round Rock Donuts.
Hello meeting up with our good friend, Jesse, in Austin.
Hello Ikea
and their "low maintenance" greenery... among other treasures I found :)
Hello I couldn't keep a plant alive to save my life and so it's back to faux flowers.
Hello Boggle
My new favorite game on my kin kin. High score: 136. {toot toot my own horn!}
Hello gold
new kindle case ($5.99 at Ross) and glittery nail polish
Hello Andrew's last class (ever?!)
at UTSA tonight. He still has final exams and term papers and that whole dissertation thing, but we gotta celebrate the small victories, right?
I recently set him up with a little office upstairs (read: moved his crap important literature stuff out of the living room.)
Hello to-do list
and crossing the fun stuff off first.
Hello to a big bowl of popcorn and Dancing with the Stars tonight.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lumineers, Lines, and Lots of shopping

Friday morning we were out the door by 9 to drive an hour and a half to Austin to stand in line (2.5 hour wait, for reals!) for bbq at Frenklin's. 

Correction: Andrew waited in line while I drove another 30 minutes north to shop.
I passed by the cutest cupcake truck and I had just enough time to find treasures at Ikea. By the time I got back to Franklin (1:45) our food was ready. Yay!
Then it was time for more shopping. 3 Ross stores, 2 Marshall's, and the outlet mall to pass the time before the concert. Basically Friday was all about buying everything in sight... followed by a bout of buyer's remorse today where I returned approximately half of everything I bought. You can't win 'em all. I'm sure shopping sprees is what whoever said that was referring to.

Then we were off to the Lumineers concert at Circuit of the Americas (a race track in the middle of nowhere outside of Austin). It was a good venue, but $20 for parking seemed a bit much.  And we had to wait in line again to get inside, and again to use the potty. Luckily there was kettle corn, so it was all worth it!
 We brought a blanket and sat all the way at the front of the lawn portion.
There were 2 opening acts and they were both really good. Jack Wilson first, then The Tumbleweeds. Way better than Sad Baby Wolf who opened for the Shins last month!
 The Lumineers came out at 10 and played for an hour and a half. They were awesome!

Then we drove back home to spend Saturday with Maddie Bear, and also returning all the stuff I bought, making brownies and caramel apples, and watching the impressive lightning show. I couldn't get a good photo of the lightning bolts, but you can imagine. These lightning storms are definitely one of the things I'm going to miss the most about Texas.
Tomorrow we drive back to Austin for another concert (Airborne Toxic Event) and a fun day with Jesse. After all this driving, I'm thinking we should have just lived in Austin all along. Sigh.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


This week is Fiesta in San Antonio. I never heard of it until we moved to Texas, but it's a crazy big deal in these parts. I'm all for it because we get Friday off work and there's a lot of delicious Mexican food involved. Win & win.

The only drawback is all the crowds and traffic it brings. I still don't really get it, San Antonio just doesn't scream "party central" to me. If I had my way, Fiesta would be in Mexico proper... Playa Del Carmen to be exact. It just makes sense.

But it's here, which means we'll be spending the weekend elsewhere, in Austin. The best time to go to Austin is when everyone else in the state is in San Antonio. {Spoken like a true crowd-hater!} 

On the agenda: BBQ lunch at Franklin's - best brisket ever!  Followed by shopping at Ikea, a stroll around Ladybird Lake, The Lumineers concert, The food trucks on South Congress Avenue, Airborne Toxic Event concert (It's finally our concert weekend... we bought these tickets like 2 months ago. Austin is all about good music!),  San Marcos Outlets - If I play my cards right there just might be a new Coach purse in it for me. I heard about this "crazy cat lady" who trades fancy Coach bags for cat purses. I'll ask one of the salesgirls if they're familiar with this arrangement because I'm willing to barter. And then I'll get promptly escorted out of the store. Who cares? We're moving in 10 weeks! Yes, the countdown has begun! Woot!

Even if you don't get Friday off for some fictitious Fiesta party, I hope you have a fun weekend and get some tasty Mexican food in all in the name of celebrating, obviously.

Is it bad that I still don't know what they're celebrating? Time to ask the expert...  Andrew says it's actually called Battle of the Flowers on the calendar and has to do with Texas Independence from Mexico and commemorates the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Ugh. Can we please just forget the freaking Alamo already?!  Yeah, they're going to kick me out of Texas for saying that. 10 weeks people!!!

*To be clear, I LOVE TEXAS! I'm just over San Antonio, hence our weekend in Austin!*

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore: Bubble Necklaces

This week was all about quick, cozy, and easy Spring time outfits... with big, chunky necklaces!
All Dresses: Ross (recently and for under $12.99 each!) All Necklaces: amazon 
Belt: Thrifted  Shoes: Nine West  Purse: Coach  Sunglasses: xoxo  Watch: Nordstrom Brass Plum  Jacket: Forever21

Bracelets: Coach  Watch: Nordstrom  Purse: Tory Burch  Shoes: Guess

Maddie finds taking outfit photos to be completely ridiculous, but she is never above photo-bombing. She is wearing lots of sweaters this week while we patiently wait for her fluffy fur coat to grow back.
Shoes: Ross  Bracelet: Mexico (gotta love going on cruises!)  Belt: Ann Taylor  Sweater: A&F

Shoes: Nine West  Mint Belt: F21 ($4!)
shoes: Target  bangle bracelets: F21  gold hoop earrings: TJ Maxx
 Shoes: Ross  Rhinestone Headband: LA Garment District $1.00 
(Can't wait to get some good downtown Los Angeles shopping in this Summer. Woot Woot!)
Guess I'm back on the sock bun kick. Can't decide if it's old lady or fairy tale princess. Hmm.
image via
I am all about these huge necklaces right now because they're fun and make a statement. For me that statement is "Please be distracted by my big, obnoxious jewelry
and not my big, obnoxious  insert body part here... namely thighs and booty." 
Whatever works!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey, thanks!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who read about our struggle with infertility yesterday and left such kind words of encouragement. We feel so loved and are so grateful for you!

For those of you who had no idea, I'm sorry for waiting so long to say anything. But don't feel bad or left out of the loop; hardly anyone knew. It's just not something that's easy to talk about.

In fact, nobody was more surprised by our announcement than Maddie Bear...
poor girl's over here like "What the what?!"

When we finally do have a baby, it's going to rock her little world!

Monday, April 22, 2013

On my heart: Infertility

With it being National Infertility Awareness Week or NIAW ~ not the catchiest acronym, we decided it was time to open up about our struggle with infertility. 

Click here to read more at bren's {still waiting for a} baby bump.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maddie's Haircut Reveal

It feels odd to post ridiculous puppy pictures at a time like this when our country is in mourning, but it also feels good to remember there are still giggle-worthy things going on in the world too.

This is most definitely giggle worthy...

 Mademoiselle Coco Chanel Bear went from "Maddie Bear" to "Maddie Rat" just like that!
My poor, bald doggy! But we only do this to her once a year to get rid of matted fur and cool her down for Summer. On the plus side, she's extra snuggly now (mostly to keep from freezing her naked little bum off!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I still don't know what to say

It's been 2 days since the horrific events in Boston and I have no words.

My heart is broken for everyone who was affected and I pray that God will comfort and protect them as they heal.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 weeks healthier

Ok, I need to clarify...

"Healthier" to me does not mean a crazy workout regimen, sticking to a strict diet of only green leafy things, or drinking disgusting protein shakes. It means I was running out of things to add to my 30 before 30 list and thought 30 days of eating {mostly} healthy was a good idea. So for the month of April (all 30 days) I am trying to be healthier.

Here's what that means... no more candy, chocolate, bacon (so so, sad about this one). ice cream, butter, cheese (so very limited dairy, only a scoop of nonfat yogurt in my smoothies), and a lot less processed stuff. I do still need my tortilla chips/salsa fix and pretzels, so I refuse to give those up. I also have the occasional cup of coffee with 1/2 tablespoon of fat free vanilla creamer. Healthy for me has to be doable! Here's some of the meals I've been eating...
Salmon, stir fry veggies, brown rice, baked potato and broccoli (with garlic salt but no bacon, sour cream, or shredded cheese. boo!), oatmeal (not the instant kind), steamed corn, green beans, and broccoli.
In place of all my favorite things (potato chips, pizza, movie theatre popcorn to name a few) there has been a lot of chicken, fish, rice, beans, fruit, veggies, tea, and home-made juices.

And I had one cheat meal where I ate these 5 sushi rolls. But they were made of tuna, shrimp, jalapeno, cucumber, rice, and sea weed which I think are all healthy ingredients. I gave Andrew the tempura shrimp, even though it's my favorite. He is pretty happy about me eating healthy because he gets to eat my share of the ice cream in the freezer. Lucky!

At this point I am half way done and feeling pretty good about it. I mean, I think about krispy kreme doughnuts every 1.5 seconds, but that's normal for me. We do have a weekend in Austin coming up where I know BBQ will be involved so perhaps that will be my real cheat meal. I am not turning down ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.. refusing delicious meat goes against everything I stand for!

2 more weeks to go!
But if I'm not skinny by then I'm giving up healthy eating for good. It's just not worth it :) 
*Googles: "how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks"*

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out with the old, in with the shoes

After a successful yard sale last weekend, I naturally wanted to replenish the empty hangars in my closet.

So I bought a coral dress, gold necklace, and bracelets at Forever 21.
I also got the coziest black stretchy pants and a mint striped sweater from TJ Maxx. It was supposed to be 80 degrees everyday this week, but it was 50 yesterday. Sweater time!
I also committed a fatal fashion faux pas... floral leggings. Just like the Sprockets one I used to get at Mervyn's in 1991. But for $5, I couldn't help myself.
I have been feeling so nostalgic lately... even for ugly clothes!

To celebrate Andrew being done with his term papers and qualifying exams (May 7, so not quite yet) we're spending a couple days at South Padre Island the weekend after he's done.
A beach vacay called for another new swimsuit at TJ Maxx. Ok 3.
I like the coverage of a one piece or a tankini.
The white one on the left is like a swimsuit and cover up all in one.
I finally used up my birthday gift cards at Sephora. I ordered stuff online so I could get 3 free gifts and a bonus sample. I got an eyebrow pencil, a foundation compact, primer, and spray on foundation. It hasn't arrived yet, but by the time it does I'm sure I will have forgotten all about it, so it will be a fun surprise. I love getting good things in the mail. Breaks up all the boring junk mail and bills.

Speaking of junk, another pair of my shoes broke today :( 
Sheesh, I go through a lot of shoes!
The strap on my right ankle just pulled right out of the shoe sole during my lunch duty. Not very convenient. And I've only worn these shoes like 5 times, so my price per wear quotient is all out of whack. I couldn't just throw them away without wearing them at least 17 times (they were $17 and I feel that $1 per wear for an item of clothing is acceptable.)  So I did what any cheap skate fashionista would do and chopped the straps off both of them turning them into slip-ons. Actually, they're a little more comfortable this way. 

But I still wanted black strappy wedges (and I clearly forgot about the 13 pairs I already have)
so I picked up all these on my way home from work today.

And 3 dresses to match, of course!

It is so convenient how there's 3 shopping centers all in a row between my house and the school. Andrew says that's not what convenient means.