Monday, October 28, 2013

October recap

I don't want to think about it, but somehow I've lost an entire month. October is almost over and this sad, little blog has nothing to show for it. Womp womp. Alas I uploaded some pictures from my camera and am going to attempt to piece together the last few weeks.

There was a camping trip at Lake Morena.
 It was legit tent camping with a sucky air mattress and tasty s'mores and everything.
Plus, it was only one night, which is my ideal amount of camping time.

Maddie sat that one out and guarded the house while we were gone.
 There was a date night at Fashion Valley Mall
And several purses I wanted to take home. Instead I got a pair of Joe's jeans for half off at Nordstrom Rack. Way to show restraint! Ok, I also got two tribal print sweaters, a pair of earrings, and another pair of brown boots for Fall. After those three sangria drinks I'm surprised I could even carry all those bags to the car. So I at least deserve kudos for that!
 There was a Halloween Party at Incahoots Line Dancing Cowboy Bar
Our friends went as a monarch butterfly, Duck Dynasty, and a mallard duck. We were sailors. San Diego's a huge NAVY town, so we totally fit in :)

There were Halloween Haikus with Mr. Hoag in my classroom
There was a beautiful day at Point Loma Nazarene University,
where Andrew teaches, and our alma mater

I "cooked" for a dinner party.
BBQ pork ribs and beef ribs with all the sides. #NoDishesNoRegrets.
 Oktoberfest happened.

I carved my first pumpkin

 There was a walk at Santee Lakes. I am actually loving living in East County San Diego,
especially now that Fall weather is kicking in. Perfect walking weather.

 Sushi date in Point Loma.
Not pictured: Days and days of lesson planning, paper grading, and reflecting on observations by the principal and my beginning teacher support provider. Cut to me having a heart attack from all the stress. There were also a couple fun training days (no sarcasm, sometimes listening to someone else talk about elementary writing strategies all day is more relaxing than trying to get my students to write a paragraph, or even their name on their paper). Today I went to a presentation on IPads and getting one of those bad boys is all I can think about now.
I'm holding out for a good deal on Black Friday.
For now I get to bake Halloween treats for my students
and count down the days til Thanksgiving Break. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


The best part of Fall Break (besides catching up with friends, shopping the day away, finally watching Breaking Bad (I'm only 4 episodes in, but it's pretty good), watching Gravity in IMAX (still a little dizzy), going to fun helpful teaching training sessions, scoping out the local swap meet with the girls, walking around the lake, and continuing to set up my classroom) has been putting the finishing touches on our apartment and moving furniture around. I'm an oddball in that way; I would rearrange my living room everyday if I had time. I might have adult ADHD or something. Moving on... one of the worst things about transitioning from our bigger house in Texas to our smaller apartment in San Diego is the lack of windows. We had like 17 windows in San Antonio and now we have 5. Weak sauce. It goes without saying that I would rather hang my curtains than store them in boxes, so my current decorating pitfall is hanging curtains randomly on all the walls regardless of whether there's a window to frame or not. I know it looks silly, but I have to use every square inch of space in this windowless box so it is what it is :)
Case in point: The living room
Here are updates of our living room, kitchen, dining room, and patio:
One real window and two faux windows.
I wish I could hang curtains to cover those icky cabinets. Truth be told I spend zero time in the kitchen; it's Andrew's domain. I know where the sour straws and potato chips are, and that's all that matters to me.
Dining Room
I showed restraint here... but only because the sliding door is too narrow to hang a curtain rod. The old me would just grab a staple gun and hang panels from the ceiling. I still might.
Thank you, MaMa, for scoring this awesome dining set for only $30 at a garage sale.
You're the best! 
I even tried to hang curtains outside. That didn't last long. #stupid_santa_ana_winds.
My other fail-proof favorite method of home renovating = spray paint. Hello sparkly white patio set.
There are probably a million other things I should be doing than watching Netflix and scooting couches across the room, but all I can think is that I want to start decorating for Christmas and I know just the spot to put our tree. It just happens to be right where the armoire is.
Back to square one.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Break, yes please!

I am going to spare you the typical "The first year of teaching is the hardest and I don't know how I'm going to survive" comments that frequently come out of my mouth and skip over the last few weeks of school related stress because today is the first day of a two week Fall Break.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

September was flipping nuts and a complete blur, but October is off to a great start. The bell rang at 2:50 on Friday and I haven't looked back. Our school starts the first week in August and gets out in mid June so there are random 2 week Fall and Spring breaks. Right now those are the top two reasons I love teaching.  Kidding, mostly.  We spent the weekend up home with our families and this morning I slept in until 11 am. I have never slept in that late before in my whole life. Adding that to my 30 before 30 list and crossing it off. I feel so accomplished.

Here are some pictures from the last two weekends...

Zoo with James and Angela

 Going to the Zoo is our favorite day date so we bought our annual passes and went with our friends. The koalas are my favorite!
Point Loma Roomie-reunion in Carlsbad at Josh and Kristin's new house.
Baby girls Deklynn and Kynlee are so cute! We skyped Amanda in from North Carolina.
Miss you girl!

Beach days in Pismo

 My camera phone is a little blurry, but there was a pod of dolphins swimming near the shore. So fun!

Sno cones and cotton candy for breakfast!!!
Walking the dogs at the beach
 A little shopping...
For the record, my sister did not buy those overalls and my aunt did not buy that mumu.
San Luis Obispo Swap Meet Bargains 

 Loving all the fall boots right now!
Happy Fall everyone!