Thursday, July 31, 2014

Midsummer Nights and a dream come true

Summer Break 2014 is coming to an end, but it was one for the record books for sure. Here's what we've been up to...

Beach days. Glorious beach days. This is our first official Summer back in California and we made the most of it.

There were also several pool days. Tis a travesty that our apartment complex lacks a pool. Tis a blessing that our old apartment complex from our newlywed years never installed a lock on their pool gate. #resourceful #trespassing #sohotoutwedon'tcare

Lest you think I've been a slacker all Summer, I also spent the equivalent of 2 work weeks at Math and Language Arts seminars for teachers and setting up my new classroom. I don't even want to think of how much money I have spent on 35 sets of school supplies for my students. Good thing they're so adorable in 1st grade! Here's a peek inside my classroom (I still have 3 teacher workdays to finish the final touches so it's a work in progress.)

"A Midsummer Night's Dream." My sister Kristie, and her husband, Tyler, put on plays with the Central Coast Shakespeare Festival each Summer. They are amazing, talented, and hilarious. This Summer they put a 50's twist on this classic play and it was so much fun!

College Roomie-reunion. So great to get my college dorm mates and their families together for a visit!

 Scoping out the wedding site for Andrew's sister's October nuptials.

An epic 4th of July party. Don't worry, I was drinking lemonade :)
 Some furniture projects. Painting a settee and finding a new home for my shoes.

Concerts at the Mid State Fair with my mom and dad

We saw Mercy Me and Blood, Sweat, and Tears on the free stage.

We saw Steve Miller Band and Journey one night and Wallflowers and Train the next night. There was an onstage proposal at the Train show. So cute. And tacky. I wouldn't like that, but it was cute to watch.

 We got hungry on our way home, but only the drive thru at Jack in the Box was open, so we did what any classy ladies do. Ordered our food and set up our lawn chairs in the parking lot while we enjoyed our 2 for $1 tacos.

Concerts at the Mission in San Luis Obispo with friends.

 Picnics in the Park on hot Summer days.

 And now for our dream come true...

Baby is 6 weeks old and 6 mm long and we got to see it's heartbeat today. It was the most beautiful little flicker! After so many years of praying for this miracle, it is finally happening and it still doesn't feel real. We have only shared this exciting news with our closest friends and family, so thank you for celebrating with us and keeping quiet for a few more fragile weeks until we're ready to tell the world. We are absolutely overjoyed and will continue posting updates here if you want to follow along on our new journey. Thank you for all the love!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 7th Anniversary and the most generous gift

Today is our golden anniversary. #7 on July 7th. Woot! We jokingly tell each other that the traditional gift of copper has been switched out for our less conventional gift of a petri dish, as we spent our anniversary weekend completing our first cycle of IVF. You gotta laugh when you can :)

The last 7 years have been amazing, full of fun times, big moves, great trips, tons of smiles, a million photos (thanks mom!), and lots of dreams fulfilled. I am so blessed to spend everyday with my best friend. I had no idea when I sat down in 4th period English class my freshman year in high school that I would one day marry the nerdiest boy in the room! I still love my nerd!

I wouldn't change a thing about these last 7 years because, even in the challenges, we've learned and grown together so much and we're stronger through it all. Obviously I wish I could count to 3 and magically a baby would appear. But this is real life, and I'm really grateful that we have each other when real life gets to be too much.

I never imagined what we would have to go through to grow a family. Emotionally, physically, and financially it has been the single greatest challenge in our lives to date, which is why I burst into tears this afternoon when I checked my online bank account. {Real quick recap: Year #7 was the year we had to buy two cars and charge a round of IVF on our credit cards. Not our finest monetary moment. Dave Ramsay's Financial Peace University flunk outs if you will.} I had resolved to making minimum payments and taking out loans for the rest of my life. But then, oh what happened next is nothing short of a miracle! I looked at the balance on the screen and then the tears came because I don't have to do that! My parents had transferred more than half the cost of our whole IVF into our account. The exact amount that we owed. More tears. This is the most generous, selfless gift and I don't know how to say thank you enough. I have no more words, just tears of joy and thankfulness. What an incredible act of love and generosity!

 I am excited for year #8 and all the hope that it brings.