Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Got The Job!!!

Yesterday morning I had my very first interview ever for a 5th grade teaching position and an hour later I got the call that would change my life. Sorry for the over-dramatization, but I am SO EXCITED!!!

Tomorrow is Back To School Night where I will be making my grand debut :)
I am hoping to start setting up the classroom Thursday or Friday and I start teaching Tuesday, September 3.
I have spent every waking moment (so this morning) buying up all the classroom decorating supplies I can find and scanning pinterest for ideas.  I'll post pics next week once it's all set up.
And now for a few questions... 
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  Because I'm about to find out if I am!
What was your favorite thing about 5th grade?
My favorite thing was that our teacher, Mrs. Nichols, would award table points and whichever group had the most points at the end of the month got to go out to lunch with her to exciting places like Taco Bell and McDonald's.  Current health concerns probably prohibit any such outings, and fast food isn't as much of a treat as it used to seem. I'm thinking of giving out raffle tickets for good behavior all week and then having a drawing on Friday where 3 students get prizes if their name is picked. What prizes do you think 10 year olds are into?... Homework passes? Markers? Pogs? Wait, no those were popular when I was in 5th grade. And remember I'm on a dollar store budget, but I can be creative.
Do you have a favorite novel you read in elementary school that I should include in the curriculum?
We read Bridge to Terabithia and it was a real downer. I'm open to suggestions, but I also haven't had a chance to meet with the other grade level teachers to find out what they're planning.
I'm sure I'll have many more questions for y'all later, not to mention silly sayings my students spring on me.
This is going to be an exciting new year!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our new place

Last week we moved into our apartment in Santee (east San Diego County). So far we love it!  We live down the street from some of our best friends, there's lots of good shopping, a trolley to ride around the city on, great hiking trails, and yummy restaurants. We're 10 minutes from fun lakes and beautiful state parks and 25 minutes from the beach, the mountains, downtown, the zoo, and Sea World {Just an FYI if you want to come stay with us!}

Moving in has been a process, meaning we I have way more boxes than I remember and it is taking way longer than I imagined to put everything in it's place. Here are some photos of our progress so far:
 Entry and living room

I still need to hang pictures and decorate, but it's basically just a shrunken down version of our old set up. A little boring now, but one of my 30 before 30 goals is to go on a crazy shopping spree at Ikea, so there will be much more "Swedish" fun up in here soon. If they can make a 200 square foot show room look fabulous, surely we can spruce up our 800 square foot apartment!
Guest room slash shoe room... budget cuts required me to combine the two :(
I believe that's the definition of a first world problem.
 Our bedroom

The dining room isn't set up yet.


 Our complex
I love not having to mow that lawn! Not that I ever mowed a lawn in my life, but I'm sure Andrew appreciates it.  Another perk to renting... water is included, which means 20 minute showers and no regrets. Hooray for no more water restrictions!
Lots of space outdoors for Maddie Bear to frolic.
 We're still setting up the patio area. More pics later.

I must admit that I do miss my garage and laundry room. Not to mention the extra 1,400 square feet we had in Texas, but I am embracing the simple (read: cramped) life. Hopefully we can save some $ living in this apartment for the next year or two and eventually buy a house. I may have to rein in my shoe budget a little bit to make that dream come true. Hmm. Maybe I'll just be like that little old lady who lived in a shoe. That doesn't sound half bad.

We are so excited to be back home in San Diego!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

5000 miles

I have had the song "I'm Gonna Be" by The Proclaimers stuck in my head for the last week and a half. Why, you ask? It's not because I actually walked 5,000 miles, but it turns out that I have driven approximately that exact distance in the last 6 weeks.

I don't even want to talk about it! 
But I will anyway.

On Monday afternoon I received a phone call from the school district I work for in San Diego about attending an orientation for CELDT (California English Language Development Testing) on Tuesday morning. We weren't planning on going to San Diego until later in the week, but it was a great opportunity and meant that we had to pack up our car and head on the road within a couple hours. Long story short, we got to San Diego at midnight on Monday and I worked everyday the rest of the week from 7am to 4pm... including Thursday, the big moving day. Hooray for income after 3 months of Summer, but boo for not being able to supervise our move. Just wait til I show you the picture of what I came home to that fateful afternoon... an unpacking-pocalyspe of sorts!

Yesterday we drove back up to Pismo Beach to pick up all the stuff we left here in our hurried departure, including my car, our dining set, and Maddie Bear. Today is another bridal shower for my sister, Shakespeare in the Park, followed by another long drive back down to San Diego so I can make it to work tomorrow morning.

I promise to post pictures of our new place as soon as I can, but I have seriously spent more time in my car than I have in our apartment. In 2 weeks we're driving to Las Vegas and in 3 weeks we're driving back up here for my sister's wedding. These are all fun things, but when will it end?! I just want a freaking nap!!! And maybe a jumbo jet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The time I turned into a lizard

You may recall, I took care of a bearded dragon last week.


I was very brave and even grew fond of him.
Little did I know that a few days later when my mom and I put this "age avenging" mask on that I would resemble a lizard.
Ok, so we didn't read the directions. We did not lay perfectly still. Instead we made silly faces and watched our skin morph into a reptile state.
This concoction perma-wrinkled our skin. My forehead looked like one of those fuglies from Star Trek!
30 minutes later, after the top layer of our skin felt hard as rock, we soaked our faces with hot wash cloths and melted the mixture away. The end result was super soft skin, but decidedly not "time avenging".
Andrew and my dad scare easily.
I told Andrew it was like seeing a preview of the future... "This is what I'll look like when I'm 100." His response, "Thank God I'll be dead by then!"
Whatever. He's just jealous of my 29 year old skin :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

House-sitting with the Hoags

Last week my sweet, wonderful Auntie Vanessa {after saving the day at the bridal shower} and Uncle Chris {my mom's super cool little brother who shares the same birthday card with her every year} headed down to San Diego for a weeklong teaching conference/ family vacation (they, like me, know how to turn work into play!). While they were away, Andrew and I got to stay at their beautiful home and take care of their cute little critters.


Auntie Vanessa is an expert decorator; I always get inspired when visiting their lovely home. Their backyard is this beautiful English tea garden... with the extra special addition of a chicken coop. But Uncle Chris built it and it's actually quite fancy, so it works.
 See, fancy schmancy!  Those are some happy chickens! My personal favorite is "Rock Star" the white one. I imagine that is exactly what Maddie Bear would look like as a bird.
 We've consistently been getting 4 eggs a day which makes for awesome breakfasts.
Bogart has been getting his daily walk around the block and loving all the attention. He communicates via snorts which I interpret to mean that he is very happy like a "pig pug in #&$%". 
And we've really grown fond of Pippin. He has a cute little personality and always poses for a photo.
I grew up with hamsters as pets, so lizards aren't exactly in my wheel house. "Princess Fluffy" just doesn't fit for a reptile name :) But I am expanding my zoological horizons and embracing reptiles as pets so I made it a personal goal to hold Pippin by the end of the week.
And I did! 
{For exactly .35 seconds, just long enough to get a picture}
Andrew held him everyday, no big deal. But for me it was a little more intimidating.
You know, but with the lizard feeling like a giant python, not me feeling like Britney Spears.
Moving on.
Here is a little peek into the Kohler's beautiful home.
 So fun to cook in this dream kitchen! {Is what I imagine Andrew is thinking, I just like looking at it).

Odd thing: Uncle Chris is an English teacher, wouldn't you expect them to have more books in their house?!
*disclaimer: this is only one of their MANY bookshelves. Yeah, my family is pretty smart :)
Speaking of, I can almost cross off "read 30 books" from my 30 before 30 list after perusing this collection... provided that skimming cook books counts.
Thank you, Kohlers, for letting us stay at your fabulous house and for the delicious basket of treats and goodies! You're the best!