Sunday, April 27, 2014

April A to Z

April has been a busy month and I don't even know where to begin! So, in effort to organize my thoughts, I am going to alphabetically hit all the high points of this month.
A- Andrew finished a complete draft of his dissertation. This thing is like 3 years in the making and finalizing it is the last step before obtaining his PhD. Get it done!!!
B- B.J.'s with friends from college.
C- Coachella was tons of fun
D- Doterra oils. A friend from work gave me all these goodies and I love them!
E- Easter break with Andrew's parents was nice. We did a lot of hiking.
 F - First grade! My principal asked if I wanted to move down from 5th grade and teach 1st grade next year, to which I replied "YES!!!"  I have been pinning away classroom decorating ideas.
 G - Grandma Diane. I got to visit with her over Spring Break and a week later she passed away. I am so grateful I got to see her one last time and I know she is happy in Heaven.

H - How I Met Your Mother. Did y'all see the finale? A lot of people were upset about it, but I thought it was ok. The last season was bleh, but I still really liked the series. Now I need a new show to watch. Suggestions?

I - Ikea. We went there for breakfast on Saturday and ended up leaving with this cabinet. Last month I bought 3 dressers, so I guess I'm learning to restrain myself?

J - Jimmy Fallon. We've been watching his Tonight Show and it's pretty funny. I didn't like him on SNL because he laughed uncontrollably in the middle of sketches, but he's a good host. After reading about he and his wife's struggle with infertility I find him a lot more endearing.

K - Kogi taco truck. I am a huge fan of food trucks. After frequenting the ones on Congress in Austin, I just think they're the best thing ever. We hit up the Kogi truck at Coachella and have even driven to LA for their delicious Korean BBQ Mexican fusion cuisine.

L - Lots of driving. The story of my life.

M - Max... well his full name is Monsieur Maxwell Mumford Bear in keeping with our themed dog names. Maddie's is Mademoiselle CoCo Chanel Bear.  He is an 8 week old maltese and we are hoping to breed him and Maddie early next year.  Maddie has no idea!

N - New bedding.  Maybe it will motivate me to actually make the bed in the morning. So far not so much.

O -  oil. Specifically coconut oil. All my friends are talking about coconut pulling where you basically gargle with coconut oil for 20 minutes or until you can't stand it anymore. I can only last 5 minutes before gagging, but it's supposed to whiten your teeth and pull toxins out of your body. I haven't noticed any improvements yet, but I spent $22 on this tub from Costco so I'm committed to keep doing it. Honestly I'd rather just drink my pink coconut tea. It's delicious.

P - Pictures of the puppy because he is so cute!

Q - The quest for the perfect potty training pee pad. This puppy is adorable and he is only 8 weeks old, so he is not potty trained and ain't nobody got time for that!

R - Random celebrity sightings at Coachella. We saw Aaron Paul from Breaking  Bad. He was wearing a bobble head suit and dancing on stage with Arcade Fire.

S -  Seven weeks left of school and I am crawling to the finish line. I keep reading Jen Hatmaker's post here about cutting teachers and parents some slack during this horrendous home stretch. I am so ready for this school year to be over!

T - Texas. We're planning on going to Austin and San Antonio in December for Andrew's graduation. Excited to go back and visit, equally excited to not live there anymore as Summer is approaching.

U - Umm. Why is the alphabet so long?

V - Very awkward teaching the "Family Life Unit" about girls and boys and puberty and what not this Tuesday. Pray for me!

W - Warranty. Good thing I bought the square trade warranty because I dropped and shattered the screen on my phone!

X - Extra. I used all the extra white paint we had on our dining set.

Y - Yummy lamb and ham Easter dinner with our friends. No pictures because yum I was eating!

Z - Zoo. We went there with Andrew's parents last week.

Kudos to you for reading all of that Hoagwash. =) I promise I won't do this every month!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


***Spoiler Alert! ***  
I saw Jared Leto this weekend!  #academyawardwinningactorjaredleto
photo on the left credit. Photo on the right MINE!
He stood next to us while we watched Arcade Fire headline the main stage on Sunday night.  So you could basically say we're BFF's :) 

Other celebrities that made an appearance this weekend were Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler, Lindsay Lohan, Lea Michele, Fergie, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Emmy Rossum. 

For all of you who don't run in the same celebrity circles that I do (sarcasm), Coachella is a music festival in Palm Springs that happens every April since 1999. It is comparable to Woodstock and there are 100,000 people running around in very little clothing watching 200 bands perform over 3 days.

We have only gone one other time, in 2010 when Andrew won 4 tickets to camp onsite and attend the festival. We took my mom and my sister along and had a lot of fun. But after 3 long days in the desert, I distinctly remember saying "NEVER AGAIN!" I went on to say that I can't believe people would pay good money ($350 a ticket + food and lodging) to roast out in the middle of nowhere for days.

Coachella 2010 with my mom and my sister, Kristie. Our campsite was the bomb diggity... If bomb diggity means there were pink flamingos and Hawaiian flare out the wazoo.

Coachella is really kind of awful. It is hot and miserable, this year there was a sand storm, and it is way too crowded with sweaty, stinky music snobs. Though the celebrity sitings and people watching are quite compelling. {Here is E!'s list of the most ridiculous outfits worn at Coachella last weekend. Here is what the hollywood stars were wearing. Here are the celebrities that showed up, including my pal J. Leto.

I know I said "NEVER AGAIN" and I meant it, but then last May (when we were delirious from our East Coast travels and missing California) a group of our friends tossed around the idea of going to Coachella 2014. Andrew said it was what he wanted for his 30th birthday present, so we jumped on the bandwagon and here we are:

Coachella 2014

 This year we all rented a house a couple miles from the festival. I think we walked about 10 miles each day. But it was awesome to not be camping and to have a pool/Jacuzzi to relax in.
 Coachella Crew:
Kaus (pronounced co like coke. We actually called him kaus-chella :), Ben, Brian, Me, Audrey, Andrew

 A few people watching photos, as promised...
 Mirror selfies each day
 There are 2 outdoor stages and 3 tent stages with bands playing constantly at all of them. There is no way to possibly see every single performance, but we did pretty good seeing about 40.
Our official Coachella 2014 list (in chronological order): Waxahatchee, Wye Oak, Anthony Green, Dum Dum Girls, Ms Mr, Grouplove, HAIM, AFI, Neko Case, Afghan Whigs, Broken Bells, The Replacements, Bryan Ferry, The Cult, Outkast, Bear Hands, The Drowners, Temples, Cage the Elephant, City and Colour, The Head and the Heart, Capital Cities, Ellie GouldingMGMT, Lorde (kind of), Foster the People, Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Frank Turner, Superchunk, Julian Casablancas, Naked and Famous, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Toy Dolls, Calvin Harris (kind of), Beck, and Arcade Fire.
 My favorites are highlighted!
Beck brought his son out on stage with him. Super cute!
 One of my favorite moments was when Blondie came out to sing "Heart of Glass" with Arcade Fire.
I love Debbie Harry!!!
Coachella was fun, but NEVER AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break in Northern California

Spring Break officially started this week. Yay! I have been adventuring like a mad fool.
For my non California friends, I included a map of my travels thus far...
The blue line looks short and sweet, but with LA traffic that little drive took me 9 hours each way.
Over the weekend I drove up to San Jose to visit my best friend Ashley who just moved back from South Carolina.
We checked out Cannery Row in Monterey, shopped around San Jose, and got our picture at the Winchester Mystery House.
We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in the Santa Cruz mountains.
They have the most amazing property with hiking trails that lead to log cabins from the turn of the century, beautiful redwood trees, and waterfalls.
My cousin Ellie's cat, shadow, is literally her shadow.
She went with us on our 2 mile hike around the property.
Here we are with one of the log cabins. My aunt said it was from the prohibition era and people made moonshine in there! I was disappointed to find it empty, I could have used a little drink drink :)
My Aunt and Uncle are some of the most generous people I know. They say they are "blessed to be a blessing" and recently built an amazing cottage that they welcome travelling missionaries from around the world to live in while they are visiting.  In related news, I'm contemplating a career in the mission field.
The photos above are of their beautiful cottage/ my dream house!
They also have a barn with goats and chickens. I got to bottle feed this baby goat. It was soooo cute!
This is my Aunt Karen. Actually since I was very young, she made me call her my Favorite Aunt Karen. And she is! She's quite amazing and has an incredible story that I will have to save for later, but I will tell you this. My Favorite Aunt Karen is an IRON MAN triathlete. Saturday when we got to her house she had just finished a 60 mile bike ride around a lake preparing for her next triathlon. No joke, she's fierce! The Iron Man competition (unbeknownst to me because it is definitely NOT my thing!) involves biking 112 miles, swimming 2 and a half miles, and then running a full marathon that is 26.2 miles. She did this at Lake Tahoe last year and finished 9th for her age range. 40 percent of the contestants did not finish at all because it was 25 degrees out and absolutely brutal. Several people got hypothermia and had to be hospitalized for days. They start at 7 am and have to finish by midnight. I don't think I could do all that in a week's time, yet alone 17 hours. I kind of want to add it to my bucket list, but I'm not that disciplined. I'll stick with competitive eating :)

 Monday and Tuesday I visited my family and dropped Maddie off at my parent's house. We're getting ready to go to Coachella in Palm Springs Thursday through Monday so she'll stay with my parents while we're gone. She loves vacation as much as we do, so she's cool with it.
On Tuesday I picked up my dad and sister from the airport because they were in Ohio for my Grandpa's 80th birthday a couple weeks ago. Cover your ears (eyes?) if you're sensitive... My Grandpa is flipping hilarious: His ringtone is a voice saying "Will the man with the 12 inch penis please pick up his phone?"
Such a dirty old man!
Today and tomorrow I have Common Core Math training all day.
It's pretty miserable, but I'm glad to get it out of the way now and make a little extra money on my spring break.
I am all packed and ready to go to Coachella tomorrow.
200 bands and a bajillion people in the hot, stinky desert. Woo hoo!
 At least we're renting a house this year with a pool. No more of that camping crap.
For your viewing pleasure, some throwback photos from April 2010 when we first went to Coachella...