Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation Bible School

This week we helped out at vacation bible school.
The theme was race car driving and the message was that God is our sponsor.

Andrew and I were on the drama team.

The kids had a lot of fun and several made the decision to give their hearts to Jesus.

In other news, I have some pretty awesome dance moves to show off after learning the choreographed theme song for the week.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

a little camp in your style

Y'all can go ahead and cross off #19 from my New Year's Resolutions List because this weekend

we went camping!

It was totally legit. 

There were tents, there was a lake, there were bugs, and of course there were s'mores.

 It was fabulous!

Yes, it was only 1 night.
But I'm pretty sure with how hot it was and how sweaty I am
that it smells like we camped for a whole week.

Time to hit the shower :)

Happy Birthday Hoagie Bear

Happy 29th Birthday Andrew!

Baby Andrew
*Our first clue that we would later become citizens of Texas*

I love you and am so proud of you!
You make me smile everyday!
Here are 29 a few of my favorite things about you:

You are smart and I want to be on your team for cranium
You are hilarious (once you explain the intellectual punchlines to me so I understand it)
You are tall and I want to be on your team for chicken fights, basketball  tall people things.
You are sweet and shared all your birthday treats with me

 I've now known you for half your life, and I'm so happy we get to spend the rest of our lives together.
Here's to lots more Happy Birthdays and lots lots more birthday treats!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Resolution #13

Make something I found on pinterest.

Summer break has given me a much needed chunk of time to reflect, relax, rejuvenate piddle around and waste time on pinterest. I stumbled across this simple project called DIY Chalkboard Mirror and gave it a go.

*It should be stated that were I too in fact copy this chalkboard
it would say something like "Baby, it's hotter than hell outside!"
to adjust for San Antonio Summer Standards :)
First I went to Michael's and bought some (spray) painting supplies (about $7 each). I've done painting projects in the past and am way more partial to the spray can than the traditional can of paint. Plus it doubles as nail polish when you get it all over your hands. Gelish lasts 2 weeks, but spray paint lasts forever!

Then I found some old picture frames I wanted to "repurpose" as chalkboards and went crazy.

It ended up being a really fun, simple afternoon project.
But now I want to chalkboard paint everything!

These are a few of the images that came up when I conducted a search
for "chalkboard paint everything"

Off to finish my other resolutions... perhaps some shoe shopping!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To do list: The Summer Edition

I thrive on "to do" lists.

I write them on post-its, the back of receipts, the side of my messsage outline at church (shh, don't tell. Pastor thinks I'm a super good note taker :)  There is always something to do and I fear that if I don't write it down (I don't know, 100 times) it will not get done.
Also, it is much easier to jot it down than to actually do it and some part of me still feels accomplished even just scribbling it on paper.

Yesterday, for example was an extremely productive day...

Yay for me, I got some stuff done! But most of the items on that list were not particularly exciting.
("pull weeds" and "wash bedding" were the real low points). 

And then I remembered this... We are on vacation and we need a fun list of things to do!

Enter the Summer To Do List:

We will probably add some more activities to it later, but these are our top rankers for now.

*You can tell which ones Hoagie-Bear picked... Batman, on a to do list?  Alrighty then*

Way Back Whensday: White Water Rafting

4 years ago, in June 2008, Andrew and I got the opportunity to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. (Thank you Aunt Karen and Uncle Affie!)

I had never been to the Grand Canyon and it was!!!

First we drove to Las Vegas, then the next day we were flown to a great little ranch in Arizona where we shot guns and rode horses (so much fun!), then the next day we rode on a helicoptor to the northeast end of the Grand Canyon (only time I've ridden on a helicoptor and would do it again in a heartbeat!), and then for 3 days we rafted southwest down the Colorado River ending in Lake Meade. 

It was the adventure of a lifetime!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday the Twelfth

I am not superstitious.

I am merely a little bit stitious.

Friday the Thriteenth, black cats, and walking under ladders don't bother me.

But this day, Tuesday the twelfth, puts me on edge.

It is a little known fact that I am a terrible driver. Not Texas bad (the drivers here are the worst I've ever seen) and maybe not even Los Angeles bad, but mostly terrible.

Let's just say that there was a sharp learning curve for this girl when it came to operating a vehicle without crashing. That curve was often the bumper of another car, sometimes even a parked car. {Yes, I have hit a parked car. Ok three.  Irrelevant.} 

It should be stated that no one was hurt in any of my "learning experiences" just my ego and obviously my car.

If we were to look back at my two most disasterous car crashes (don't act like it's that big of a challenge to only pick 2!) we would discover that both of these events took place on Tuesday the Twelfth.

So the moral of the story is don't drive on Tuesday the 12th.
Better yet, I won't drive so that everyone else is safe!

I wasn't always a bad driver... I blame power wheels.
They made it seem so easy!

Monday, June 11, 2012


and the living's easy.

It's already week 3 of Summer break.  <jumping for joy!>

{For about a minute} I entertained the thought of getting a job this summer.


Most days thus far consist of sleeping in, consuming large quantities of ice cream and sweet tea, minimal time spent outside (it's in the 100's this week), hanging out with friends, and doing stuff I never have time to do during the school year.

Things like Real Housewives all day marathons and baking cupcakes for breakfast. Win-Win!

Things like doctors appointments. These are kind of a hassle, because you can never just go right to the doctor you need, you have to get referred there. That takes extra time and extra appointments. Luckily, Summer break is great for these. Tomorrow I go in for a general check up so that I can get a referral to a dermatologist and an allergy specialist. ~ All that time in the sun left me with a couple new moles beauty marks that need to be checked out. And ever since moving to Texas, my allergies have been out of control. I don't usually look forward to going to the doctor, but I spend a lot of money each month to have good decent insurance and I am going to get my money's worth!
Bonus: the appointments are at 1:30 in the afternoon so as not to interfere with my sleep-in schedule :)

Things like game nights with friends. Ladies totally rocked battle of the sexes!

Things like pool parties. Completely necessary.

Things like miniature golf. At 8 pm when it cools down to 90*.

Things like applying for a one year teaching credential. (Still waiting to receive all the documents so I can apply for a full time teaching position next year.)

Things like researching the great white north.  Yes, we have grand plans for next month...

We are going to Alaska for a family reunion!
First we are driving out to California, which means we have to pack for a wide range of weather conditions. This might be the trickiest vacation to pack for yet!

Challenge accepted!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Way Back Whensday: Graduation

I cannot believe that it's been 10 years since we graduated high school.
I do not feel any older or any wiser!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whose idea was this anyway?

I need to preface this synopsis with the following information:
It was 96 degrees today with 75% humidity.
And, as always, hindsight is 20/20.

This is a plant in my front yard, I don't know what kind
But thanks to Erika's informative post I can tell you that it is a perennial.
{I always think I've killed it, but it keeps coming back every year!}

Here's a recap of our day:

 1. We start walking and get thirsty.
 2. It's only 3 miles (each way) to Valero with $1 slurpees. So we go for it!
 3. Everybody drank all the slurpees and the machine is out of order, so we have to get soda
     * cherry sprite is not the same as cherry lime icee :(
 4. We are hot, smelly, sweaty messes.

Success story? I think not.

But I did manage to capture a couple Texas tokens...
People here are WAY patriotic ~ I love the good old USA as much as the next guy, but people here have flags (plural!) up all year round. The first year we moved here I thought it was 4th of July every weekend! And they are crazy about the spurs too {we are closet Lakers fans}

So anyway, I know I need more exercise but this is strike 2 against getting out and enjoying nature this week. The other day we went for a hike and almost stepped on a water mocassin (or cottonmouth or satan creature or whatever you want to call it.) Let it be known I am not a fan of snakes.

But I am a fan of slurpees... I'll just have to drive next time!